Sister Kitten

Gomez and I are close. We are bonded, but he still has kitten level energy, and he gets so lonely when I travel. So Caturday Part Deux was happening.

Next Thursday, to be specific; I had planned which shelter I would go to (and had stalked its cats online), and at what time. Then yesterday I called my new vet to confirm my old vet had sent over Gomez's records for his first appointment this Friday, had a lovely conversation with a woman named Bernie, happened to mention I was looking to adopt, and one thing led to another led to this:


Someone abandoned her--during working hours!--in the vestibule at the vet's right before Christmas. She was, naturally, named Noel by the staff. I told Bernie I would take a look at her when I was there with Gomez on Friday. But as soon as I hung up, I realized: I wanted to see her today. I called Jenna to be like, talk me into this. Or out of this. And she was like, GO SEE THE CAT. I didn't even bring a carrier; I told myself I would just, you know, look. Jenna, because she is wise, basically knew if I saw the cat, and liked the cat, I would come home with the cat.


This is of course exactly what happened.

(And can I just say how kind and generous the staff was at VCA Northside Animal Hospital? They sent us home with so many toys and food, and so clearly adored this small creature. They were amazing.)

So far I know she is sweet and snuggly and eats and drinks and uses her litter like a champ. She likes jingle balls and does not chew cords (PRAISE JEBUS). She hissed once at Gomez through my office door; she is sequested in here, and will be for as long as it takes Gomez to reach a level of comfort. He's on guard--I have now heard him hiss and growl! Who knew he even had it in him--and he stares at the office and walks a little lower to the ground. But he still snuggles and purrs with me. And he isn't the fiery ball of wounded rage that I feared he could become, when I dared to introduce a second sweet ball of fur to our gruesome twosome. I have every confidence, once some vet tests come back and I slowly, carefully, gently introduce them, they'll at least coexist.

And *I'm* not a fiery wounded ball either, which was also a definite possibility, given what happened when I first adopted Gomez. I feel strangely confident that this is all going to work out okay. It helps that she's such a sweet muffin. And that I know Gomez, and underneath his self-protective skittishness, he's a sweet muffin too.

They are, at least temperamentally, friend-compatible. I mean, look at her. This girl is friendly.


I think she will be Ramona. 

I've been singing this in my head ever since I read this AMAZING ORAL HISTORY OF BOOGIE NIGHTS yesterday, and now I am singing it as Sister Kitten, because that's how I do.


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