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I'm a manuscript consultant with Boston's Grub Street.

Finishing a draft of a novel is a big deal--and it's just the beginning. Where do you go from the end?

I love reading a manuscript deeply, identifying what makes it unique, and providing concrete, practical advice that will energize and inspire you to revise. And help you discover, in the words of Stephen King, the answers to "[...] the Big Questions. The biggest: Is this story coherent? And if it is, what will turn coherence into a song?"

My full consulting services include:

  • A careful reading of your manuscript
  • A multi-page editorial letter with practical and encouraging big picture and little picture feedback: on character, setting, plot, dialogue, language, style; what's working well and what could work better; and suggestions for revision. I try to be as specific as possible, and I'll tailor my comments for special areas of concern.
  • A conference about the work, by phone or Skype/Google video chat.

My rates are $75 an hour, and total hours are calculated based on the length and complexity of the project. Payment is up front, and I typically complete a consultation within three weeks of receipt of payment. I'm happy to discuss custom consultations on partial manuscripts, outlines, and query letters.

I specialize in character-based, imaginative novels; mystery, speculative, and genre-bending fiction; visual and performing arts, pop culture, camp and kitsch; and revision technique. I love stories about outsiders, weirdos and dreamers, rendered vividly through close attention to language, details and style. All genres (including young adult and middle grade) welcome!

Pop on over to check out Grub's consulting services in more detail, or email me at kate@kateracculia.com for a quote.

I received a manuscript consultation with Kate Racculia before I set out to do my final, pre-querying revision of my novel The City Baker’s Guide to Country Living. It was the best decision I ever made. Kate is a close and thoughtful reader. She digs deep, isn’t afraid to go in and break things open, and treats your characters as if they were her own. She has a wonderful way of asking just the right questions. I found her feedback to be so creative in its nature that it gave me permission to be more creative myself—to think more openly about changes both large (should I merge these two characters?) and small (I hadn’t notice that my characters drop their shoulders from their ears…a lot). 

I feel like I did my best writing after receiving Kate’s critique. But on top of that I received something of even greater value. Kate has a genuine love of the novel, and her joy in the process of writing one is infectious. She loves the craft and isn’t afraid to show it. When the work starts to feel like work, I return to Kate’s critique letter to remind myself why I love writing.

Kate Racculia is an inspiring writer, enthusiastic and skillful editor, reader and teacher, and the world’s greatest book champion. I can’t say enough good things about her.

Louise Miller, author of The City Baker's Guide to Country Living

Working through my first novel, the value of a professional consultation became apparent, but it soon also became apparent that finding the right consultant was even more valuable. I am so pleased I found Kate. Through her guidance, I was able to dismantle, understand the true story and reassemble it into what I had initially envisioned. Her criticisms cut right to the problems and deficiencies, but I was always left encouraged and excited about the value of what I was writing. My consultation with Kate Racculia made all the difference.

—Paul Bolden, author of The Last Corsair