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Influence Stew: Joseph Cornell

Posted on Jun 13, 2010

Technically, I didn’t know of Joseph Cornell until I was in college, studying graphic design and art history.  But in Joey C. I immediately recognized a kindred spirit: someone who was as taken as I was with the beauty of objects created to be disposable, and/or as compulsively unable to rid himself of things other people would toss away (like cartoon-emblazoned paper napkins from birthday parties, which I had a collection of for many years).  Now I recognize this tendency as the first step on the road to a hoarding intervention (but Kate, WHY do you still have that manky wrist band from the U2 concert you saw in college?), but I believe what we ought to throw away but simply can’t says so much about us. I’ve been a collector all my life—of ticket stubs and postcards and fortune cookie fortunes and little toys in the bottom of cereal boxes.  Even as a kid, I believed in the innate power of tiny, apparently meaningless objects to bind us to our memories, like souvenirs of the selves we’ve been.  And the intrigue of objects that belonged to other people, that were clearly loved or left behind for reasons we can only ever guess, is like a lit match to...

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