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2013 Pop Culture Report Card: Movies (Tentpoles) 0

2013 Pop Culture Report Card: Movies (Tentpoles)

Posted on Jul 8, 2013

(Midsummer Assessments) Iron Man 3: B What a treat to spend so much time with Tony Stark!  MacGyvering!  Iron Man 2 seemed to forget that casting Robert Downey Jr. is all the special effect your movie needs, a mistake Shane Black did not repeat.   Star Trek Into Darkness: B+ What a treat to watch Benedict Cumberbatch chew the holy hell out of a giant Imax screen!  Also: this movie was exceptionally pretty, and exceptionally well cast, and I only wish the Enterprise would, like, stop crashing and chasing people and violating the prime directive so that it can get down to time-travel business and save some damn whales already.   Man of Steel: B- I did not expect to like this movie at all, so I’m rounding its grade up from a C+ on the basis of having been pleasantly surprised.  Wolverine Superman?  Did not see that coming, but: enjoyable.  Less enjoyable: a third act that was entirely HITTING ALL THE THINGS REALLY HARD, AND THEN FEELING SUPER-ANGER, AND MORE HITTING AND DESTROYING AND SUPER-RAAAAGE AND oh look we broke New York Metropolis again RAGE HITTING SUPES SMASH!!!!!!  I left happier than I expected, but feeling pummeled.  Maybe because I’m a good fifteen years past the target demographic,...

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