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Been Around the Web

Posted on Jul 15, 2010

The lovely and amazing Megan Frazer shared my book soundtrack as part of her weekly Music Mondays feature (and included additional Blur)!  Meg and I were writing group warriors several years ago, and her first novel, Secrets of Truth and Beauty, is one of my favorite books from the past year.  It’s a great read with fantastic, funky characters you root for instantly, set in a colorful world of small-town summer festivals, goats and cheese (great characters, small towns, goats, cheese—seriously, four of my favorite things in the WORLD, all in one book).  Check it out! Nico over at Chamber Four (great book reviews and commentary) let me know that This Must Be the Place was recently the subject of a rousing round of Judge a Book By Its Cover (aka JABBIC, which sounds, delightfully, like a distant off-world cousin of Jabba the Hut).  It’s Balderdash! for books, and, um, I would read *all* of these.  Especially #4, with its pocket-dwelling miniature...

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