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For Ray 0

For Ray

Posted on May 14, 2013

I knew Ray Harryhausen would die. That was an essential part of the charm he shared with his beautiful monsters: they were mortal. You could see how they were put together, you could feel the bumps on their skin, the fur on their pelts, and you understood that they couldn’t last. Their magic was transitory, a function of time: anticipation and the thrill of the reveal, followed by loss, and then memory. If they didn’t leave us, we wouldn’t love them as much. Because of Ray, and because of Clash of the Titans, I grew up loving monsters instead of fearing them, and feeling a pretty profound empathy (for a seven-year-old) for their fates: it was their destiny to die so that the hero might fulfill his. Medusa and the Kraken, immortals in name only, were just as much pawns as the humans in the hands of the Gods (who were, it bears saying, extraordinarily petty—and human). Fate had two sides. Gods and mortals, heroes and villains, monsters and men weren’t so very different, or distinct. What I didn’t know was what would happen when Ray Harryhausen died. How at first I would feel that twinge of missing someone unexpectedly, like a light turning off in the room behind...

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Posted on Jul 4, 2011

One year ago Wednesday—on July 6—This Must Be the Place was unleashed upon the world in all its teen angsty, Joseph Cornellian, Harryhausenesque, wedding-caked, Foreigner-soaked glory. I’ve never had a problem with birthdays, probably because I’ve been waiting my whole life to achieve Awesome Old Lady status (wherein I write mystery novels, know everyone in my small town, solve the odd murder and have lengthy philosophical discussions with my cat while drinking peppermint tea—and if that list seems oddly specific, it’s because 80% of it is already my life).  Birthdays were never so much about marking time as they were about taking the opportunity to recall the events of the previous year, to see and hear from friends and family, and to eat so much cake I passed out. So on this first book-birthday, one year later, I’m sitting here with a huge grin on my face, warm and fuzzy and still stupefied with gratitude that my book went out in the world and was so warmly welcomed.  That readers from New York to California to Hawaii to Italy picked up a copy, enjoyed it and took the time to send along their kind words and wishes.  That I’ve had the privilege and joy of sharing my story with...

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Six Degrees of…Me?

Posted on May 14, 2011

The other day, I received an email from my friend Dave.  It contained the chat conversation re-pasted verbatim below. (10:12:04 PM) friendofdave05: ok here’s my story (10:12:27 PM) friendofdave05: i went to the library and got a book out. from the lib on campus in their smallish leisure reading section (10:12:45 PM) friendofdave05: start reading it and they mention boston, somerville and harvard sq (10:12:49 PM) friendofdave05: im like whoooa i know those places (10:12:59 PM) friendofdave05: so i check out where the author is from and think they gotta be from boston (10:13:19 PM) friendofdave05: sure enough they are. MFA from emerson (10:13:54 PM) friendofdave05: then something in my head clicks—YOU have an author friend and i rememebr you posted a pic on facebook a while ago from the porter sq book store–some book signing (10:14:18 PM) friendofdave05: and i only remember this because it was right when i moved to ct and i remember seeing the pic of the book store and was like “aww i loved that store i’ll miss it” (10:14:37 PM) friendofdave05: so long story short im reading your friends book and loving it (10:14:40 PM) friendofdave05: but what are the odds (10:15:01 PM) friendofdave05: kate racculia (10:15:43 PM) friendofdave05: the end. The hilarious...

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Postcards from Canastota

Posted on Apr 25, 2011

A belated but heartfelt THANK YOU to the amazing staff, patrons and friends of the Canastota Public Library—and especially to PR maven/teen librarian Beth Totten—for being such incredible hosts when I visited two weekends ago.  It was a hoot and a pleasure to share the story behind my book and my local connections, and then, for you to share your writing with me—what an incredible weekend.  Y’all are amazing. I adore libraries.  Even though I love both my current gigs—writer-lady by night and non-profit prospect researcher by day—I can’t help but wonder why I didn’t pursue the library sciences when I was starting out.  Something about being surrounded by books and all the lovely information they contain, and being in turn surrounded by the kind of people who love books and reading and information…perfection on a stick.  Being a librarian was my ideal career and I missed it, at least on the first go-round.  I blame my guidance counselor, who once told me, based on the outcome of a career interest survey, that my interests were so diverse I was suited for no career at all.  True story. Beth took me on a tour of her beloved library, a gorgeous and lovingly maintained Carnegie, and made a point of...

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