Kate Racculia



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ALA Conference, 2015

“The Books of My Youth”

“I am a reader. I’m a writer, too, but I came to writing, as Eudora Welty said, “out of a superior devotion to reading.” I don’t remember ever discovering reading; it was always just there, a love fully-formed, something I was lucky enough to be born with."

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The Toast

“Becoming Jessica Fletcher”

“In my mid-twenties I started to joke about it. I told people I wanted to grow up to be Jessica Fletcher..."

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Necessary Fiction

“Write What You Remember”

“This book has managed something altogether magical: it has reached into my world at the exact moment I reached into it..."

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Boston Book Festival Blog

"Boston Stories"

“When I came to Boston in 2003, you needed tokens to ride the T.”

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Necessary Fiction

“The Uglier the Ugly Stage”

“Revision is an archeological dig and a treasure hunt; it’s the part of the craft where discoveries are made, where the creation has the most potential to surprise its creator...”

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“Practical Revision Tools”

“Revision was the first time I took my own work seriously, because I could see just how unserious it was...”

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Largehearted Boy

“Book Notes: Bellweather Rhapsody”

“Begin and end with Bjork: that's my motto.”

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