Kate Racculia





With Louise Miller, at The Debutante Ball

“Writing a novel on spec is a kind of hope marathon."


With Gina Damico

“Always be careful what you wish for from an author, because SHE JUST MIGHT DO IT."


With Kevin Fanning, at Necessary Fiction

“Everything’s different now, except for how nothing is.”


At Dead Darlings

“I taught myself to keep a writing practice the same way I taught myself to go to the gym (though the former has stuck a little better):
I made it a habit that fit in my life.”


Jacket Copy, at The Los Angeles Times

“God, I love this book -- like I love all books that surprise and captivate me, that I don’t see coming but stay with me forever.”


At The Book Dumpling

“Find what you love, what challenges you, what moves and surprises you, and chase it.”